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Marriage and Partnership

In love, “in gaged”, in wedlock. To make sure your wedding day makes for beautiful memories, here are some useful tips. 
Before you say “I do”, some formalities have to be completed. Even if summons no longer exists, you will have to announce your marriage at the registry office.


Marriage abroad

If you want to get married abroad, we advise you to collect detail information from the registry office. Depending on the country you wish to get married in, the requirements are different. The same is true if one of the applicants is from a different country of origin.

Registered partnership

Same-sex partners may establish a civil partnership if it is registered by the partners in the registry office. The same-sex civil partnership has been aligned as far as possible to the legal standards of a legal marriage.

Church wedding

You believe that a church wedding will make your special day complete? Find information about weddings in church at

Information on civil weddings at the registry office

A civil marriage becomes official by the couple explaining their will to enter into a marriage with each other in front of the registrar. Therefore, they must both be present in person. Witnesses can be there upon request of the couple, but their participation is not mandatory.

Clarify in advance with your registrar, who will perform the ceremony, whether your ideas for your wedding can be realised or not. The marriage will be certified (registration in the register of marriages) before both spouses. The certificate will be handed out in the aftermath. Further certificates can be ordered afterwards online.

Entering into marriage will change your marital status, which you will have to report to different authorities. By law you are required to change names and residential address in your identity documents and vehicle documents.

Wedding locations in the City of Halle (Saale)

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