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Places to linger and relax

During both the summer and the winter cosy cafes in the city centre and around the market square invite one to take a break whilst shopping. In addition to these there are shady places close to historically important cultural monuments offering a moment of relaxation.

Franckeschen Stiftungen (Franckeschen Foundation)

A true place of silence close to the city centre is the “Lindengang” in the courtyard of the complex of buildings belonging to the Franckeschen Foundation dating from the 16th century.



No less worthwhile is a visit to the Leipziger Turm (Leipziger Tower), which is situated next to the Hansering. Here one will find a wide path running beneath old linden, just what one needs for a relaxing stroll.



Not far from the Leipziger Turm just past the Hansering is the Stadtgottesacker. This is a memorable place of silence because behind the high stone walls lies one of the country’s most significant cemeteries in terms of cultural history. The Stadtgottesacker is oriented on the design of Italian cemeteries from the Renaissance Epoch. Many of the town’s famous citizens lie at rest here. 


Händelhaus (Händel’s House)

The Händelhaus is situated close to the market on the corner Großer Nikolaistraße / Kleiner Ulrichstraße. The house in which the composer spent his childhood originates from the times of the Renaissance. Nowadays the interior of the house is a museum, reminding of the life and works of this famous person from Halle.


Universitätsplatz (University Square)

Generous, outward-looking and elegant – this is the way the University Square presents itself as the centre of science in Halle. The area between the Schulstraße, Kulturinsel and Universitätsring unites excellent and award-winning classic and modern architecture. Stretching between is one of the town centre’s most attractive squares, the Halle University Campus. Here one will most certainly find a sunny place to linger and take a rest.


Joliot-Curie-Platz & Opernhaus (Joliot-Curie-Square & Opera House)

Not far from the Campus at the end of a small hilly park and water-fountain facility, the Juliot-Curie-Square, one will find the Halle Opera-House building. During the evening it is flooded with light thus offering a fascinating sight.


Square in front of the Ulrichskirche (Ulrich Church)

Leipziger Straße, Halle’s large shopping street, also offers a chance to linger. The square in front of the old walls of the Ulrichskirche has comfortable benches and a lovely fountain, a chance for a little relaxation.


Charlottenplatz (Charlotten Square)

A further nice place to take a rest can be found at the upper end of the Leipziger Straße. The Chalottenplatz, a small attractively designed area surrounded by old 19th century houses. Here one will find modern and comfortable wooden benches situated below shady trees.


Neue Residenz (New Residence)

The “New Residence”, a building from the Renaissance, is situated in the neighbourhood of the dome, here in the courtyard one will find a peaceful place to rest. Next to the Geiseltalmuseum (Geisel Valley Museum), which displays geological findings from the Geiseltal, is a café, which invites one to “unwind” right in the middle of town.



The Zoo Garden Halle – The mountain calls!

In the midst of Halle’s beautiful countryside, flanked by old castles and the Saale River, the Zoo Garden Halle sits majestically upon a mountain overlooking the valley below. More than 1.700 animals in 250 species call him home. The twenty-two-acre Zoo’s emphasis is on species from South America and animals which are native to mountain regions all over the world. Visitors can also enjoy seeing endangered exotic animals such as sloths, toucans, anteaters, and squirrel monkeys. The architecture of the Zoo’s animal enclosures is visually-pleasing, giving his visitors the opportunity to easily get up close with lions, tigers and others behind panoramic windows. His natural geography makes him not only to Germanys only Mountain-Zoo but creates perfect vantage points high above many of his animal enclosures.